To the Sea!

oh your such a pretty thing,

ill take you and ill make you all mine

I will steal you from this patient world,

it will chase us but it will never take you back!

Jack johnson, you may certainly turn my love

I know you know me well enough to know I’m lucky to have you!

You find a way to sooth my soul, your upbeat heart warming words, send my mind into a tizzy as I fall helpless to all the lovely things you say!
Instant good mood, after hearing your voice!:)



New composition

What do you think of my rap so far;
Please send me some feedback!
Thank you lovelies 🙂

–;Live with me in my world, so different from reality, breathing in the good stuff, breathing out my sanity!

I’m higher than an aero plane, achieving more each day, and when i rise up to the top I’ll be spitting in your face.
So My flow is getting sicker, when I spit it to The beat, keep talking all that stupid shit, mufucker take a seat.

Tell me what you want from me I’ll tell you can’t have it and even if I gave it to you, youde never understand it;–


Take me away!

You pick me up when I’m down. You make me happy, eccentric. Make me dance and twirl. The tears dry up, the stress dicipates. I lay down and you float me away. Your nothing to no one and everything to me. You aren’t living, you are not real, but you allow me to feel complete!


Dexter before bed!


You invade my dreams when I am suppressed under drowsy medication! You come in, you ravish and demand, I’m your bitch, it’s clear, I don’t mind!

as I fall into my deep slumber, you waltz in and sweep me off my feet!
why did you try to drown me? doesn’t matter you made it sexy!
It doesn’t make sense, but in my dreams it’s crystal clear!
why are you doing speed in the bathroom
doesn’t matter, your stamina astonishes me!

I ache to feel, loved, touched, important!

if my dreams are all that can make me understand

then I wish to dream forever!